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US Cabotage Laws and Alaska’ LNG Trade

US Cabotage Laws and Alaska’s LNG Trade

Love it or hate it, the Jones Act is the single most important piece of US maritime legislation to date. It provides many Alaskan fishermen with jobs on the water, delivers significant employment benefits to injured mariners, and protects Alaskan seaman from the vicissitudes of foreign flagged jurisdictions by limiting US trade to US owned […]
Understanding the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act

Understanding the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act

Here’s a situation: suppose a Seattle company needs to ship an expensive piece of machinery worth $500,000 up to Alaska for a summer project. The company reaches out to a local carrier who agrees to ship the equipment up north for a reasonable fee. During transit, however, the carrier damages the equipment to the tune […]

Why Ditching the Limitation of Liability Act is a Bad Idea

In the early morning of September 2, 2019 a fire ignited in the below decks area of the dive boat Conception. Before the captain and crew, who were themselves sleeping above decks, could do anything, the fire had blocked their pathway to the below decks area and they were forced to abandon the vessel. All […]

Trade is Transportation – World Trade Center Alaska

Trade is Transportation – World Trade Center Alaska Anchorage, AK November, 13, 2014. IMG attorney R. Isaak Hurst will speak at the 2014 Trade is Transportation Conference on November 13, 2014 in Anchorage, Alaska. Mr. Hurst will provide a presentation titled, “Bills of Lading and Himalaya Clauses—What Every Shipper Needs to Know.” The event, hosted […]
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