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We specialize in . . .

We specialize in . . .

IMG has a strong marine insurance legal team that is dedicated to helping our corporate clients with their insurance disputes.  We frequently provide our clients with coverage analysis and legal opinion letters on the implied rights and legal obligations under their insurance contracts.   When insurance claims turn contentious, we represent our clients in mediations and arbitrations, under many different laws, as well as in litigation before U.S. courts at all levels.  Either way, our clients have come to rely on our insurance expertise and know that we will work hard to ensure their insurance issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

IMG attorneys routinely advises clients on coverage issues, including:

  • The duty to defend
  • The duty to indemnify
  • Reservations of rights
  • The duties owed by the insured
  • Contractual loss allocation, specifically indemnity and hold harmless agreements
  • Contractual limitations of liability

We also counsel clients on the placement and terms of policies, as well as, on the handling and adjustment of first-party claims. We monitor developments in the insurance industry for insurance carriers and our business clients.


R. Isaak Hurst, Esq.

Founder and Principal Attorney

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  • Opinion Letters
  • Mediation and Arbitration 
  • Litigation and Appeals 

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Insurance Law Expertise

Our attorneys regularly attend various insurance industry trade associations and actively monitor regulatory developments and emerging domestic and international regulatory issues that may have an effect on the assured. From Lloyds to Long Beach, we engage in policy and program reviews, for both insurers and corporate policyholders, of contracts that cover anything from offshore support vessels to offshore liabilities insurance.

Crisis Management

IMG draws upon a wealth of experience when advising clients during a casualty investigation. We advise clients on the best forum in which to resolve disputes, as well as, on general average, claims calculation, and limitation and insurance claims. We also work with national and international authorities while we represent clients’ interests in formal inquiries and investigations.

Insurance Crisis Management - International Maritime Group
Insurance policy reviews - International Maritimem Group

Policy Reviews

We are regularly retained by clients to review insurance contracts for all types of vessels, from conventional commercial ships to specialist vessels for the offshore industry. Helping our clients get the broadest possible coverage, we utilize our extensive library of insurance policies, checklists, and available endorsements to determine how our clients’ insurance policies compare with that which is currently available in the marketplace. Our attorneys ensure that clients’ insurance policies complement one another, closing gaps in coverage and eliminating duplicative coverage, which often reduces clients’ insurance costs.

IMG also advises clients on new policy wordings from ‘seamless covers’ for marine intermediaries and service providers to ‘specialist crossover topics’ with our shipping practice. We receive instruction from the insurance community, including insurance companies, brokers, and of course ship and cargo owners.

Insurance Recovery

A true test of an insurance policy is how it responds to a claim. IMG’s insurance recovery group melds legal ingenuity with business acumen to win you the security that your insurance was written to provide. We represent the interests of policyholders, both in litigating coverage claims to a successful conclusion and in providing innovative, non-litigation solutions to the most complex insurance coverage disputes.

With a deep understanding of the maritime insurance business and the business needs of our clients, leading international insurance brokers recognize IMG as a go-to coverage firm. These players frequently refer their clients to us when coverage disputes arise or when the underwriter is not responsive.

Should an insurance company deny your claim, IMG’s insurance recovery legal team will use its experience and established professional relationships in the insurance market to best position your claim to maximize your potential insurance recovery. Through every stage of the bad faith litigation process, IMG aggressively pursues clients’ interests to ensure that you are fully compensated for your troubles. Indeed, our lawyers believe that maximizing damage awards today will help prevent similar disputes from happening tomorrow.

Insurance recovery - International Maritimem Group
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