Got ambition?

We look for more than grades and numbers - we look for ambition, for drive and for a restless desire to change things for good. We need a diverse range of the brightest minds to help drive our law firm forward so you can be confident we will help you pursue your ambitions, develop your skills and grow your career at home or abroad (if you so choose). So whether your legal background is in contracts, litigation, intellectual property, government relations or something else entirely, give us energy and enthusiasm and we’ll give you the freedom, support and opportunities to grow a meaningful career.

Our Culture and Values

  • We Put Our Clients First

    First and foremost, our lawyers place the welfare of our Clients and the Firm above that of any practice, region, office, or individual.  Indeed, our job is not to make the Firm look good—our job is to make our Clients look good. 

  • We Are Responsive

    It should go without saying, but any CEO or business owner expects their attorneys to be responsive.  We not only recognize this unwritten rule, but our policy to respond to our Clients’ email, phone call, or text message that day—usually within one hour.  Indeed, promptly responding to our Clients is one way we demonstrate our sensitivity to their legal issues and how much we appreciate and care about our Clients’ business.

  • We Work Hard

    Every day we work our tails off.  While skill, talent, and knowledge are necessary for producing premium legal results for our Clients, it’s the passion, ambition, work ethic, and energy that fuels truly extraordinary legal performances. Make no mistake, our attorneys give 100% when it comes to our Clients’ legal needs.

  • We are Accountable

    We take personal responsibility when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients and our business. It is never someone else’s job or someone else’s fault. We do not make excuses. If we see it, we own it, and we make sure it gets done.

  • We Strive for Professional Excellence

    We put a premium on professional excellence and always strive to be the best in everything we do.  We improve our performance continually and stress the importance of quality and productivity amongst our team. 

  • Sincerity, Integrity and Honesty is Everything

    We believe that in order for an attorney to provide real service to a Client, they must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity, integrity, and honesty.  Indeed, integrity and creditability is our stock in trade, which means we don’t hide documents; we don’t mis-cite cases; we don’t mislead; and we don’t twist the truth. We believe it is the only way, and we are always humble and respectful when representing our Clients’ legal interests.

  • We are One Team

    From the Client to the firm’s bookkeeper, we are all one team.  Everyone has an important rule to play in helping the Client achieve its goal, Working together creates a more enriching work environment and generates better results. 

  • We are Flexible

    The law is everchanging and so are the needs of our Clients and their businesses, which is why our team is always look for new ways to delivery quicker, simpler, more efficient and more robust legal services. 

  • We Provide Roadmaps and Set Reasonable Expectations

    From litigation budgets to acquisition timelines, we always plan, execute, and evaluate our legal projects. We also make sure we clearly communicate expectations. We judge situations not by what happens, but by how they compare to what we expected to happen. Nearly every misunderstanding can be traced to a difference in expectations. We have learned to create mutually understood expectations in every situation.

  • We Value Winning

    When a business needs legal help with a trial or an arbitration, they don’t want a law firm to “handle” their case; they want a law firm to win their case. Indeed, IMG takes winning very seriously, which is why our team is full of individuals who hate losing at least as much as they love winning.

Who We Are Looking For

There is no such thing as a typical IMG lawyer. We don’t have a template. We’re proud that our people are from a wide variety of backgrounds. We attract people with a global mindset, who prioritize learning about different cultures, experiences, languages and viewpoints. Naturally we expect intelligence, work ethic, and academic excellence, but we value collaboration, accountability, and a team-oriented mindset more than anything.

Our Clients depend on our ability to resolve a complex issue or structure an international transaction on their behalf, which is why our Clients and colleagues will depend on you to perform tasks accurately, efficiently and on time, and to work in teams to get the legal work done.

Open Positions

Transactional Attorney


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Litigation Attorney


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Virtual Litigation Paralegal


Paralegal is responsible for maintaining the litigation docket and calendar for cases, arbitrations/mediations, as well as multi district litigation cases, including underlying and related federal and state court actions.

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Legal Intern

The internship program generally lasts for four weeks, although longer term internships have been considered on a case-by-case basis. The program is primarily intended to give an opportunity to those who have completed their first or second year of their law degree in order to gain insight to legal practice at IMG.

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Business Development Specialist

The primary focus of the role is to support the Firm with all aspects of marketing and business development, which includes developing and implementing product and sector specific marketing strategies and plans.


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