Maritime Liens and Preferred Ship Mortgages

We specialize in . . .

We specialize in . . .

Specializing in maritime liens, International Maritime Group serves shipping companies, private vessel owners, and maritime creditors. We navigate the legal complexities so you don't have to, offering expert guidance grounded in years of specialized experience. Our commitment is to safeguard your interests and assets in every maritime transaction.

Specializing in Maritime Lien Resolution: Guidance for Shipping Companies, Vessel Owners, and Maritime Creditors

The intricacies of maritime liens can pose significant challenges for shipping companies, maritime creditors, and vessel owners. At the International Martime Group, we specialize in providing legal guidance to navigate these complexities. With a deep understanding of both international and domestic maritime law, we focus on safeguarding your assets and operational interests.

Addressing maritime lien issues involves a multi-step process, from identification and verification to enforcement and resolution. Our services are designed to offer comprehensive support throughout these stages. The aim is to mitigate legal risks while ensuring that you remain compliant with all regulatory frameworks.

Our role extends beyond immediate legal counsel to serve as your long-term strategic partner in the maritime sector. With an established track record in maritime lien cases, our approach combines meticulous preparation with ethical practice. When you work with [Your Firm's Name], you gain a partner committed to resolving both current and future maritime challenges.


R. Isaak Hurst, Esq.

Founder and Principal Attorney

  • Lien Assessment and Validation
  • Priority Ranking
  • Contract Review
  • Lien Enforcement
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Debt Recovery
  • Jurisdictional Guidance
  • Preemptive Consultation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Documentation and Filing

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Who we work with

Commercial Ship Owners and Operators

Operators of large vessels in international shipping, oil transport, or commercial fishing sectors often encounter maritime lien issues. These issues could arise from claims for unpaid crew wages, unsettled vendor invoices, or liabilities from collisions. Legal advice is commonly sought both for preventive measures and for resolving existing liens that could impact ongoing operations.

Commercial Fishing Fleets
Cargo, Commodities, and Logistics

Cargo Owners and Freight Forwarders

Cargo owners and those involved in freight forwarding may face situations where their cargo becomes subject to potential liens due to unpaid freight charges or other contractual issues. These stakeholders often seek legal guidance to ensure their goods are not held due to financial or contractual disputes, thus facilitating uninterrupted international trade.

Marine Financiers and Lenders

Financial institutions that specialize in lending to maritime businesses usually secure loans with maritime liens on vessels. To safeguard their investments, these entities often need legal assistance to understand the nuances of maritime liens, their priority, and their enforceability, especially when debt recovery or foreclosure situations arise.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring - International Maritime Group
Freight Forwarders - International Maritime Group

Port and Harbor Authorities

Entities that manage commercial docks and marinas acquire liens for unpaid dockage fees or services rendered. Legal expertise is often needed to clarify the enforceability of these liens, particularly in international contexts where jurisdictional issues can complicate matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Various types of maritime liens can be placed on a vessel, including those for unpaid crew wages, services rendered (like repairs), and unpaid vendor invoices. For commercial ship owners, it's also common to see liens related to cargo and freight disputes. The specific types of liens that can be applied depend on the jurisdiction and the nature of the dispute.

For cargo owners and freight forwarders, a maritime lien on a vessel can potentially 'trap' their cargo onboard until the lien is resolved. This can disrupt supply chains and incur additional costs. Legal guidance can help navigate these issues and find the quickest resolution.

The priority of liens can vary depending on jurisdiction and the nature of each lien. Typically, maritime liens for crew wages and salvage have higher priority, but this can differ. Marine financiers and lenders usually consult legal experts to understand where their lien stands in priority and what steps can be taken for enforcement.

Yes, Port and Harbor Authorities can typically enforce liens for unpaid dockage and service fees. However, the procedures for enforcement and the priority of such liens can vary by jurisdiction. Legal counsel can provide clarity on the enforceability and potential actions that can be taken.

Maritime liens can be particularly complex when vessels operate in international waters or dock at foreign ports. Different countries have distinct laws and regulations concerning maritime liens, and international conventions like the "Maritime Lien and Mortgages Convention" may also come into play. Expert legal advice is usually sought to navigate the intricacies of cross-jurisdictional maritime liens.

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