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We specialize in . . .

We specialize in . . .

IMG has a strong customs and international trade legal team, and we frequently provide clients guidance on paying customs duties, tariff classification, country of origin marking, warehousing imported items, and valuing merchandise.   Whether you are a new importer looking for tariff mitigation strategies, a mid-sized company looking for an import compliance policy, or a seasoned veteran looking for an Advance Ruling Letter from CBP, our attorneys can guide you through these challenges.

Spanning the globe, IMG attorneys help resolve a myriad of contentious, transactional, and advisory legal issues related to international trade.

Persons or entities that import goods into the U.S. must comply with numerous regulatory requirements enforced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Failure to comply with these requirements can delay the release of the goods from CBP or potentially be excluded from entering the U.S. altogether.  In addition, for importers who really deviate from these rules and regulations, CBP has a series of civil and even criminal penalties it can use. The good news is that importers may challenge decisions made by Customs, which is where we can help.   

When situations turn contentious, we represent clients in international arbitrations around the world, under many different laws, as well as in litigation before U.S. courts at all levels.  IMG not only helps carriers and shippers respond to import and export claims, but we also can advise clients on how best to tender their claims, claims calculation, and claims budgeting with their underwriters. Indeed, our experience in contentious cross-border litigation and arbitration gives us the insight to advise our clients through the complex issues that can accompany large and sophisticated disputes and transactions - regardless of the location. 


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Clients We Frequently Represent

Customs Disputes

Our experience and knowledge of customs laws, shipping and international trade enables us to advise on every aspect of customs and excise matters. Our team has considerable expertise in advising clients on optimising their Customs exposure and in auditing their Customs practices to anticipate potential Customs risks. The regulatory and compliance framework that applies to commodities traders continues to develop. Recent geo-political events have also seen the imposition of wide ranging sanctions by the E.U., China, and U.S. authorities which impact on the day to day business of our trade and commodity clients.

Custom disputes - International Maritime Group
Importers and Exporters - International Maritime Group

Importers / Exporters

In addition to trade transactions and the nuances of the supply chain, IMG has a thorough understanding of the international sale of goods and the INCOTERMS that largely govern them, which enables us to support small businesses, local companies, and large entities, as each adapts to and embraces changes in international trade law.

Tariff Engineering

Tariff engineering, at its most basic, is an effort by manufacturers to have their products classified as a certain type of good as opposed to another that may be subject to higher duty rate. It is important to understand that tariff engineering is not considered to be illegal, as product manufacturers are generally very clear about their intentions. They must also be prepared to defend their assertions about a product’s classification in open court proceedings.

If you own a company that relies on imported goods, it is important to fully understand your potential tax and duty liabilities. IMG draws upon our industry expertise in all types of commodity trading and international financings. We are able to provide a wide range of legal services and customised solutions for our client’s commercial requirements and objectives.

Tariff Engineering
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