Shipyard Disputes

We specialize in . . .

We specialize in . . .

IMG has a tremendous amount of legal experience in shipyard disputes.  We are regularly retained by clients to help with new build contracts, insurance warranties, performance and refund guarantees, repair and conversion contracts and associated finance for all types of vessels, from conventional commercial ships to specialist vessels for the offshore industry.

IMG possesses a wealth of experience representing builders of ships and owners from around the world.

Our attorneys are frequently called upon by both vessel owners and shipyards to help with shipyard contracts, insurance guidance, performance and refund guarantees, as well as the financing and insurance of new builds.  

Litigation Support.  Our shipbuilding experts are also litigators, who draw on their experience of dispute resolution to anticipate and avoid potential problems.  Where substantial sums of money and important capital assets are at stake, there is always dispute potential.  Whether they relate to cost overruns, delay, guarantees or other contractual issues, IMG is set up to help resolve disputes.


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Shipyard Expertise

IMG advises clients on the creation and revision of shipbuilding contracts and their associated documents, such as performance and refund guarantees. Clear and concise drafting is essential for major projects.

Contract Review

Our attorneys frequently help vessel owners and shipyards draft various types of corporate agreements and contracts.  As a relatively compact firm, we are able to offer transactional guidance across the entire range of practice areas, thereby allowing us to deliver outstanding legal and commercial results for our clients in a practical and cost effective way.  Indeed, IMG’s legal team is there to help vessel owners and shipyards solve any legal issues associated with their day-to-day operations.  

Fishermen Contract Review - International Maritime Group
Lawsuit document - International Maritime Group

Arbitration and Litigation

IMG’s litigation team brings energy, personal attention, industry knowledge and substantive legal expertise to each matter.  Our clients, whether they are large shipyards or small vessel owner/operators, turn to us for help with their most difficult legal issues.  We work closely with our clients to understand their businesses, identify potential areas of legal exposure, devise strategies to manage risk, and, where appropriate, resolve disputes short of trial.  As a result, IMG is able to tailor its advice to our clients’ needs and circumstances in a manner calculated to achieve the best possible result in each case. 

Debt Collection

The arrest of a ship to obtain security for a maritime claim is a powerful weapon for shipyards who are owed money. Do you need help recovering money from a vessel owner? Conversely, are you a vessel owner who is on the brink of getting their vessel arrested for a past debt with a shipyard? In either case, IMG can help.

Debt collection - International Maritime Group
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