2022 Global Seafood Marketing Conference Wrap Up

Jan 26, 2022

2022 Global Seafood Marketing Conference Wrap Up

Amidst changes in the maritime industry and the ongoing nuances of COVID implications, the global market of seafood remains reactive and ready to face any challenges. 

An essential event for the seafood industry is the Global Seafood Market Conference (GSMC) held annually by The National Fisheries Institute (NFI). This year, International Maritime Group (IMG) attended the 10th Anniversary of The GSMC in Orlando, Florida. From January 16th until the 20th – the NFI’s agenda for the GSMC included dynamic discussions with high-caliber insights drawing on the experience and collective expertise of the seafood community’s foremost professionals.

Working alongside the seafood world’s most prominent leaders, IMG’s presence is constant during NFI’s annual events as we work jointly with our clients to face industry hurdles and discuss the current state of the ocean’s economy. 

Needless to say, the GSMC is also an excellent opportunity to meet with our clients, catch up on existing projects and discuss new business ventures. This year, the GSMC took place at Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate. The NFI mapped an excellent agenda for the GSMC with expert speakers – shedding light on relevant topics in the retail, food service, alternative proteins, finance, and other sectors. While the seafood market remains unpredictable, GSMC speakers consistently deliver exclusive data, voice current challenges and work towards developing solutions.

Global Seafood Market Conference Highlights

On Monday, January 17, notable legislative novelties were discussed during The Government & Political Update Meeting and Technical & Regulatory Update Meeting. Regulatory amendments are particularly relevant for compliance purposes – both for legal work and developing corporate strategies alike. Later, the NFI held their Membership Committee Meeting which was followed by The Export Market and Policy Update Meeting, consisting of the U.S. Trade policy forecast, updates on U.S.-China cooperation strategies & highlights, EU-U.S. trade disputes, EU health certificate standards for U.S. exports and supply chain congestion.

IMG attended key discussions focusing on seafood in retail, the animal protein panel and seafood industry’s trends on Tuesday, January 18. Later that day, we attended the Value Finfish Panel Evening Reception – mingling and reuniting with clients. 

The following day’s agenda highlighted relevant issues during the Importers Issues Update Meeting discussing import conditions with the EU, China, Mexico, and other countries. Economic outlooks were separated into specific seafood market categories, such as the Shellfish Panel, Salmon Panel, etc. 

On Thursday, Seafood Import Legal & Regulatory Developments were further analyzed through global and state-level compliance amendments.

With seafood demand and sales soaring throughout the pandemic, experts predict that the trend will continue in 2022 – this time facing a wide range of supply chain issues from labor shortage to logistics mishaps. 

Thank you to the National Fisheries Institute

Beyond the ocean policy updates, a notable announcement was made during the GSMC – John Connelly announced his upcoming retirement as president of the National Fisheries Institute in February 2023 after 20 years of leading the largest seafood trade association in the US. He will be missed but always valued. 

The seafood world is very much like one large family which IMG is proud to be a part of. We are endlessly grateful for all the hard work that NFI organizers dedicate towards making this event possible and look forward to attending the GSMC next year.

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