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Intellectual property (IP) is one of the most valuable assets owned by any business – the significance of which engenders grounds for disputes.

Our lawyers have extensive experience both in pursuing the enforcement of clients’ IP rights and in challenging allegations of the infringement of others’ IP rights. IMG also helps clients secure IP rights, delineate the IP rights owned by other businesses, and draft and negotiate agreements, including license agreements, research and development agreements, confidentiality agreements, and agreements on the transfer of IP rights. We also advise on issues unique to the intersection between business’ IP and employees.

What to Expect From Your Legal Team

We provide practical, commercial and results-driven advice on a discreet and confidential basis. All assignments will have a nominated lead partner who will be your dedicated point of contact. We will work to your agenda, timescales and budgets to achieve the best outcome. We would expect to be your trusted adviser during the process and our industry knowledge and reputation will facilitate a direct and open dialogue between all stakeholders.

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Copyright infringement existed before the Internet, but the ease of registering domain names has increased the challenges of copyrighted materials. Indeed, because anyone from high school students to multi-million dollar corporations can register domain names at little expense, it may be a good idea to copyright your material if you feel that it could be threatened by a cybersquatter. Have questions about copyrighted material? IMG can help.


Patents are arguably the most valuable type of IP. Patents protect inventions related to a product and/or to a process to make a product. Most patents in the maritime industry arise from research & development in the oil and gas, offshore, fishing, and engineering fields of unique industry. With the rise of the offshore oil and gas industry, the USPTO has seen a record number of patents applications pertaining to the extraction of offshore oil and gas. Do you have a great idea that you are ready to take to the next level? IMG can help.


Whether to hire an attorney to register your trademark is a serious question with potentially significant financial implications. A recent University of North Carolina School of Law study, which analyzed 25 years’ worth of United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) data, showed that those applicants who retained an attorney were 50 percent more likely than those who applied without legal representation to acquire approval from the USPTO. Having an attorney review or complete your trademark application facilitates trademark registration.

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