Business and Contract Law

IMG assists business organizations with the creation and review of various corporate agreements and contracts.

We have strong experience in helping customers who are burdened with large volumes of contracts. Our team of expert attorneys works as an extension of our customers’ teams, taking on routine tasks that can be managed efficiently and effectively by us, which again results in significant cost savings to our clients. By outsourcing key components of contract drafting, review, and management to us, we enhance clients’ productivity and scalability, which results in significant cost savings to our clients. Importantly, the use of our talents will free up our clients’ internal resources for doing the high value work that they do best.

We assist clients with day-to-day contractual and operational disputes, including:

  • Charter party reviews and disputes
  • Laytime and demurrage adjustments
  • Insurance policy reviews
  • Letters of credit
  • Supply contracts
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Storage and throughput agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Trade finance contracts

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How We Can Help Yacht Owners or Charterers

International contracts - International Maritime Group

International Contracts

IMG advises companies and individuals on various transactions and disputes arising out of the supply chain.

International sales contracts are the basis of the import and export business. However, there are considerable differences between U.S. law and the foreign jurisdictions within which many of our clients operate. Those companies that wish to be safe from unpleasant surprises should ensure in advance that all of their contracts involving foreign countries are legally watertight. Please contact IMG with your questions about international contracts.

Charter party contracts - International Maritime Group

Charter Party Contracts

IMG is prepared to answer any questions our clients have about terms and conditions in your charter party agreement: risk allocation, indemnity agreements, cargo liability, trading limits, delivery and re-delivery, safe ports and berths, bunkers, computation of time, charter hire, unlawful withdrawal, upmost dispatch, bills of lading, cancelling clauses, off-hire clauses, frustration of the charter, force majeure, arbitration provisions, liens, laytime and demurrage, deviation and delay, ice clauses, and governing law clause. Indeed, IMG lawyers are experts in charter party agreements and is well position to help with any charter that come our way

Purchase and sales agreements - International Maritime Group

Purchase and Sales Agreements

IMG’s team is involved with each aspect of the purchase and sale of commodities , including negotiations between the buyers and the sellers, as well as, the full spectrum of non-contentious financial work associated with any purchase and sale (i.e. owner finance and leasing transactions, corporate structures for equity ownership, joint ventures, and refund guarantees). IMG advises a diverse range of U.S. and international clients, including shippers, seafood companies, vessel owners and operators.

or call  (206) 707-8338 to speak to a legal expert.

What to Expect From Your Legal Team

  • We provide practical, commercial and results-driven advice on a discreet and confidential basis.
  • All assignments will have a nominated lead partner who will be your dedicated point of contact.
  • We will work to your agenda, timescales and budgets to achieve the best outcome.
  • We would expect to be your trusted adviser during the process and our industry knowledge and reputation will facilitate a direct and open dialogue between all stakeholders.
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