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IMG has broad experience and expertise dealing with the legal issues affecting modern nonprofit organizations—especially nonprofit organizations operating in the international arena.

Modern nonprofits, especially those with an international or maritime charter, face a myriad of domestic and international legal issues. Between changing tax codes, maintaining tax-exempt status, employment and labor disputes, permitting, trust fund compliance, accounting compliance, lawsuits, retaining talent, director and trustee liability, raising capital, and concerns about regulatory compliance and entity governance, there is no shortages of legal complications these entities must face. Indeed, a modern nonprofit is constantly subjected to the political, economic, and regulatory vicissitudes where these entities operate. The good news is IMG can help.

Legal support we can provide

  • Organizing and operating a nonprofit entity
  • Creating and entity that has tax-exempt status
  • Advising clients on the consequences of private foundation status
  • Helping client avoid prohibited activities and associated penalty taxes
  • Advise clients on acceptable and unacceptable lobbying and political activities
  • Help clients avoid potential liability for its directors, officers, and trustees
  • Assist with mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, or dissolutions
  • Act as counsel for any litigation or arbitration that arises
  • Provide transactional support and guidance on day-to-day business practices

Who we work with

IMG provides legal counsel to wide range of tax-exempt organizations, including public charities, private foundations, arts and cultural organizations, trade associations and educational institutions.

Charitable Organizations

IMG frequently deals with a wide range of legal issues affecting those involved in the ownership and operation of fishing vessels, advising on – among other things – charter parties, shipbuilding contracts, insurance policies, and cargo claims.

Our commercial marine law team regularly act for fishing vessel owners, fish producer organizations and vessel managers in this specialist area of law, advising our clients throughout the application for and transfer of fishing licenses, in the establishment of license entitlements and the transfer of license entitlements and in fish quota sale, purchase and leasing arrangements. In addition, we also represent lenders, dealing with security arrangements relating to fishing licenses and quotas. The heavy regulation within the fishing industry and wider marine sector inevitably mean that some will fall foul of the law. If and when that happens, our highly experienced marine criminal law team are on hand to assist and advise you if when your Masters and crew run afoul of fisheries regulations and criminal laws.

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Trade or Professional Organizations

IMG is well-poised to represent seafood processors, particularly with their transactional issues. We assist clients with day-to-day contractual and operational disputes, including charter party reviews and disputes, laytime and demurrage adjustments, insurance policy reviews, letters of credit, supply contracts, terms for physical sale and purchase, storage and throughput agreements, joint ventures, regulatory issues and sanctions, and trade finance contracts. Indeed, as a result of acting for fishing vessel owners and operators across the globe, IMG offers an unrivalled level of experience and knowledge in this complex and demanding area of law. With clients ranging from small custom processors to multinational corporations boasting a fleet of catcher-processors, IMG can provide the advice and support you require.

Political Organizations

Our expertise spans the entire logistics chain. We act for the shippers/manufacturers/traders who produce/sell the fish and fish products including some of the world’s leading brand names in their sector; the shipping and airlines that transport the fish and fish products across the globe; the cold stores that store the produce ashore; the freight forwarders/road hauliers, the end buyers and all the insurers. We see the problems that arise from both sides of the fence, in relation to bulk goods and reefer units, which means we are uniquely placed to assist. We help our clients to draft clear contracts in order to try to prevent disputes arising. That primarily involves sales contracts, in particular standard terms, as well as charter parties and COAs.


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