IMG’s mining team works alongside some major players in the mining industry. We have a thorough understanding of the legal framework governing the mining industry, as well as, a rich understanding of the day-to-day administration of mining businesses. IMG frequently collaborates with its principal maritime law team, which has represented mining companies in several charter party disputes.

Mining Areas of Expertise

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IMG’s coal practice has grown rapidly over the last several years, partly in response to significant market movements in coal trading and production. We assist one of Alaska’s largest coal producers with coal trading transactions. We counsel other entities in the mining industry on long-term supply and spot trading contracts, swaps, carriage and transshipment, hazardous cargoes, joint ventures, trade finance, crisis management, and emergency response.

Our expertise spans the metals industry, including precious metals such as gold. Wherever you sit in the chain, whether you are a miner, mill, shipping and logistics provider, trader, bank, broker or end user, we can provide the legal support you need.

Our specialist team of lawyers is equally at home in the offshore mining sector. With clients including world-wide drilling contractors, vessels owners and operators, specialist personnel providers and renewables service companies, we have the experience to assist in this dynamic and developing field.

Whether it be advice on contracts or the resolution of contractual disputes; information in relation to the complex employment issues arising in this sector; or guidance in relation to health and safety issues arising from working in this challenging environment, our team are able to assist. Our internationally trained lawyers under the interplay between private companies, investors, scientists, and State-actors engaged in deepsea bed mining.

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Mining Legal Services

NEED INTRO PARAGRAPH. IMG assists business organizations with the creation and review of various corporate agreements and contracts. We assist clients with day-to-day contractual and operational disputes, including charter party reviews and disputes, laytime and demurrage adjustments, insurance policy reviews, letters of credit, supply contracts, terms for physical sale and purchase, storage and throughput agreements, joint ventures, regulatory issues and sanctions, and trade finance contracts.

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