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International Maritime Group offers a robust maritime financial services practice, with experience in all aspects of asset finance.

Whether you are an investment advisor looking to expand your maritime portfolio investments, an institutional lender enforcing a preferred ship mortgage, or a shipowner trying to understand your rights and responsibilities under a finance or lease agreement, our attorneys can guide you through the challenges.

We advise financial institutions, private equity firms, shipowners, lessees, operators, and others on all aspects of asset finance issues ranging from purchase, sale, or lease transactions to remedies in default and maritime lien enforcement.

We also assist clients with restructurings, including asset buybacks, sale and leasebacks and refinancing. And we have assisted clients with such issues pertaining to all types of vessels – tankers, bulk carriers, container vessels, offshore drilling rigs and production units, FSRUs and other specialist vessels.


  • Lenders
  • Borrowers
  • 3rd Parties
  • Equity investors
  • Shipowners
  • Governments


  • Tugs and Barges
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Yachts
  • Tankers and Bulk Carriers

Who we work with

Our goal is to minimize your legal exposure and to achieve the best result for your business.

IMG works closely with banks and vessel owners in secured and unsecured commercial loans of all sizes, and we efficiently staffing each transaction according to its legal complexity and our client's budget considerations.  IMG attorneys routinely represent banks and other financial institutions with their asset-based loans and asset recovery actions, and have years of experience negotiating forbearance or debt restructuring agreements well before and maritime litigation, foreclosure, or arrests actions are undertaken. When matters turn contentious and litigation or an arrest action is unavoidable, IMG will carefully assist our institutional clients in enforcing their rights as secured and unsecured creditors—regardless of the forum, type of proceeding, or governing law. 

Private equity entered the shipping industry following the global financial crisis and has prompted a great deal of discussion around its long term role in shipping. Many private equity funds initially entered into joint ventures with shipowners. Recently, however, we have seen that a number of these funds are more interested in buying loans from traditional banks, at a large discounts, in order to see immediate profits. We have worked with lenders, lessors and borrowers, banks, equity investors and shipowners, buying or financing all types of vessels – tankers, bulk carriers, container vessels, offshore drilling rigs and production units, FSRUs and other specialist vessels.

The way ships are financed has changed considerably in the past ten years, and the market has continued to evolve. In the years following the global financial crisis new ship finance structures have been developed and new sources of finance have become available to the industry. Following the substantial reduction in the availability of financing from traditional banks, shipowners are increasingly having to turn to alternative financing sources. This is particularly the case for small to medium-sized shipowners, as traditional lenders are generally focusing on larger shipping clients due to regulatory and risk management requirements. As a result of this, shipowners are now becoming increasingly interested in considering structures such as high-yield bonds, convertible debt, capital and operating leases, as well as preferred equity structures.

Ship Finance is Truely International

More than any other forms of finance, ship finance is international.  Most ships move - or are capable of moving - all over the world, which is why the financing of large vessels is undertaken by banks all over the world.  

Maritime Finance Services Provided

Our maritime financial services practice includes extensive experience in litigation, arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution options. Our litigators regularly represent our client’s interests in state and federal courts, before arbitration panels and before regulatory bodies. We are comfortable before judges, juries and arbitrators and, when necessary, have the experience to handle matters from discovery through trail and judgment enforcement. Our team represents and advises shipowners, lenders, insurers, debt and equity holders and others in the many facets of maritime finance litigation. We have successfully represented clients dealing with issues such as preferred ship mortgage lien enforcement and priority, perfection of security interests, maritime attachment and vessel arrest, insurance coverage and tender of defense disputes, social engineering fraud and other computer fraud, seamen’s liens, and duties stemming from security repossession and sale.

Our attorneys work persistently to remain up to date on changes in admiralty and finance law and regulation, as well as developments in the ever-evolving maritime finance markets. Our specific focus on the maritime industry allows us to closely monitor market developments and legislative changes so that we can advise our maritime finance clients on any potential opportunities and challenges.

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