International Trade Law

Spanning the globe, IMG attorneys help resolve a myriad of contentious, transactional, and advisory legal issues related to international trade.

IMG’s international trade group is a leading provider of legal services to companies engaged in international trade in the Pacific Northwest. We provide legal services to the global trading community, and our clients include trading companies in the fisheries, oil and gas, grain and soft commodity, and metals and coal sectors. We have the knowledge and experience in dispute resolution in regional and international trade matters, including financing, trading, storage, transportation, insurance, and end use. We advise on finance documentation, physical and financial trading terms, freight agreements, regulatory issues and sanctions, and environmental issues incident to trade.

What to Expect From Your Legal Team

We provide practical, commercial and results-driven advice on a discreet and confidential basis. All assignments will have a nominated lead partner who will be your dedicated point of contact. We will work to your agenda, timescales and budgets to achieve the best outcome. We would expect to be your trusted adviser during the process and our industry knowledge and reputation will facilitate a direct and open dialogue between all stakeholders.

Clients We Frequently Represent

Customs Disputes

Our experience and knowledge of customs laws, shipping and international trade enables us to advise on every aspect of customs and excise matters. Our team has considerable expertise in advising clients on optimising their Customs exposure and in auditing their Customs practices to anticipate potential Customs risks. The regulatory and compliance framework that applies to commodities traders continues to develop. Recent geo-political events have also seen the imposition of wide ranging sanctions by the EU, China, and US authorities which impact on the day to day business of our trade and commodity clients.

US Customs and Border Protection
Import and Export Law

Importers / Exporters

In addition to trade transactions and the nuances of the supply chain, IMG has a thorough understanding of the international sale of goods and the INCOTERMS that largely govern them, which enables us to support small businesses, local companies, and large entities, as each adapts to and embraces changes in international trade law.

Tariff Engineering

Tariff engineering, at its most basic, is an effort by manufacturers to have their products classified as a certain type of good as opposed to another that may be subject to higher duty rate. It is important to understand that tariff engineering is not considered to illegal, as product manufacturers are generally very clear about their intentions. They must also be prepared to defend their assertions about a product’s classification in open court proceedings.

If you own a company that relies on imported goods, it is important to full understand your potential tax and duty liabilities. IMG draws upon our industry expertise in all types of commodity trading and international financings. We are able to provide a wide range of legal services and customised solutions for our client’s commercial requirements and objectives.

American Trade Deficit Reduction

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